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Located just a block and a half away from campus, on the western side of "Greekland," 316 Lynn Ave. is home to Phi Kappa Psi at Iowa State University.


  • Living Style: 1-5 person rooms, separate 4-14 person sleeping rooms

  • Target Capacity: 37

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal Drug-free property

  • High-Speed Internet (100Mb/s): Fiber Optic wireless internet and ethernet throughout house.

  • 16 Meals a Week (7 Breakfast, 5 Lunch, 4 Dinner)

  • Free Parking

  • Free Printing


The cost of living in the chapter house is similar to the cost of living in comparable dorms. For specifics, contact one of our recruitment chairmen!

Live-in House Director

We are fortunate to have our House Director, Bev Lindgren, living in our house. Bev helps keep everything running smoothly and is there to support all that we do.  She helps make our house a home. 

History and Renovation

Our chapter house was built in the 1920s and is located at 316 Lynn Avenue, a block and a half south of the Memorial Union. Starting in 2006, our House Corporation (the legal entity controlled by alumni which owns the property) scraped the insides to the walls and started over. An initial phase involving the basement, first floor and second floor was completed in time for Fall 2006 semester. The third floor was completed during the Summer of 2008. Our $1,600,000 renovation has made our house one of the nicest facilities in the Greek community.


The renovation was intended to provide safe, attractive housing that appeals to today's students. The end result is certainly different from what it was in the 1920s; in fact, significantly different from what it was as recently as a few years ago. Our house is now one of the few fraternity houses that is fully air conditioned.

Traditionalists may wonder what happened to the cold air dorms, and the answer is simple. The house was designed to attract today's students for whom cold air dorms are unfamiliar, antiquated, and unappealing. Dedicated sleeping areas, though smaller, are still provided in order to allow early birds and night owls to coexist with minimal conflict. Study rooms hold fewer students to facilitate privacy, and those needing extra quiet space to study can retreat to the library, which is located on the first floor.

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