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We're excited you're excited! Learn more about the recruitment process by reading through the articles linked below, our parent and alumni testimonials, and getting in touch with our recruitment chairmen.

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Thank you! If you don't hear from us within the next day, please contact our Recruitment Director. His contact information can be found in the connect page.

Parent Testimonials...

Judy Goldberg

We were skeptical when our son wanted to join a fraternity.  He is an involved honor student and all we could envision was a bunch of  boys having loud, drunken parties in dirty ramshackled houses.  We toured many of the houses on campus and were impressed that many were very respectable.  And among the best, Phi Psi clearly stood out. Upon entering, we immediately felt at home.  The house is neat, clean and nicely decorated.  The young men living there are some of the nicest, highest-achieving guys on campus.  Since joining, our son has made friendships that we are sure will last a lifetime.  He's taken on leadership positions and continues to excel at school.  In fact, he has received guidance and advice from many of his fraternity brothers, resident advisers, and house director.  We are so happy we didn't let our preconceived ideas deter our son from seeking out and finding such a wonderful fraternity.  We now feel confident that being a Phi Psi will be one of the greatest experiences he will have at Iowa State.

Chad Borgestad

When my son told me he was interested in joining Phi Kappa Psi, I was initially skeptical - of all fraternities.  The image I had was of "Animal House."  To my surprise, his experience as a Phi Psi has completely changed my opinion.  My son has to maintain a certain GPA in order to keep his stature as a Phi Psi. Every Monday, he and the other brothers dress up with a full suit, tie and manners and have a formal dinner hosting a guest.  They develop manners I never even learned about!  The guys at Phi Psi have incredible integrity, they take care of each other, and they really enjoy being a tight community.  I appreciate that the house is a dry house and that the house director drive home the no swearing policy in the house.

Dana & Becky Lathrop

When our son Eric mentioned that he might be interested in joining a fraternity the first semester of his freshmen year, we were “All In” because of the wonderful experiences his mother had from being in the Greek community while attending and graduating from Iowa State University.  We toured several fraternities prior to Eric making his decision and were impressed with the gentlemen of Phi Kappa Psi along with the phenomenal condition of the house and property. We could tell the gentlemen of Phi Kappa Psi were a great group of guys and very proud of their house!  We were also very impressed with the involvement of the house directors and knew that Phi Kappa Psi would be the perfect home away from home.  Eric took advantage of the many different activities available to him through Phi Kappa Psi and he grew into a very mature gentlemen and created life-long friendships.  We were so impressed with Phi Kappa Psi that Eric’s younger brother Kyle also joined the fraternity.   We feel that Phi Kappa Psi has the right balance of brotherhood, scholarship, leadership, and service to make a successful college and life experience!


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Alumni Testimonials...

Eric "Skippy" Lathrop

Ernst & Young

Accounting & Marketing

Ankeny, IA

By being a member of Phi Kappa Psi, I was fortunate to take advantage of the many different leadership, social activities, and life-long friendships available to me that I would not have had otherwise.

Benny Rohloff

Phi Kappa Psi National Fraternity


Eagan, MN

Phi Psi provides relationships that will that we can carry out even after we graduate from Iowa State.

Geoffrey Tajaran


Apparel Merchandising w/ Minor in Kinesiology

Milwaukee, WI

Phi Psi gave me more brothers that I can continue to learn from and count on when really comes to it.


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