The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity engages men of integrity, further develops their intellect and enhances community involvement.


With a legacy built on acceptance and trust, each brother realizes his highest potential through a lifelong experience of service and excellence.


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National Foundation

Founded over 150 years ago, Phi Psi boasts a rich history at many of the nation's top colleges and universities. William H. Letterman and Charles P. T. Moore founded Phi Kappa Psi in the little town of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, when they were nursing their stricken friends during an epidemic of typhoid fever at their college. It was through these long night vigils that an appreciation of the great joy of serving others came into their lives.


Calling a number of others to join them, a brotherhood was founded on February 19, 1852. It flourished, and gradually extended to other colleges and universities throughout the country. Idealists all, these founders of Phi Kappa Psi taught a new fraternity - a fraternity that would complement the work of the university by cultivating those humanities without which the educated man fails of his greatest usefulness.


Phi Kappa Psi recognizes the need and value of the best and broadest education possible and encourages that goal within our membership. But unless actuated by a proper love for and service to mankind, the educated man may often waste his talents. It is to counteract this tendency that Phi Kappa Psi was founded to encourage the best in men, to inspire and assist them to reach their potential as students, brothers, men and citizens.


Local Establishment

The Iowa Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi was founded in 1913. For several decades, the chapter thrived and enjoyed full membership and good times. Unfortunately, a period of low membership and weak leadership in the 1990s resulted in the chapter surrendering its charter in 1999. We happily returned in 2007 and once again began adding to the now total of 1500 men who have been initiated into our chapter, around 900 of whom are still living.


One measure of the strength of a chapter is the involvement of its alumni. The Iowa Beta alumni felt a deep sense of personal loss when the chapter closed. Many started immediately developing a plan to bring the Iowa Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi back to viability. Execution of the plan began in 2005 when a new group of undergraduates was formed. In 2006 the chapter house was renovated and reopened, and in 2007 the chapter was rechartered.


These are exciting times for Phi Kappa Psi. If you share the high standards to which we aspire, then perhaps Phi Kappa Psi is right for you.

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